Sorry? Come again? 

Apologize. One of the toughest words we have to learn ‘how to do’. Sure as a kid you can make your bed, learn to cut the grass and complete your chores. Every one of those is an action with a word attached to it. But learning to apologize can be the most difficult action we have ever done. It’s literally putting yourself to close to the bon fire and feeling the burn, knowing you cannot back up. You need to finish it.

It’s an action that allows others to feel superior over us or worse yet, we feel their disappointment once we offer up our admittance of being ‘in the wrong’. That feeling of your chest sinking in knowing you did wrong and you have to  admit it.

Breathe. We can do this.

My apology? Forgiving my husbands ex-wife. Oh yeah you felt the knife cut on that one. Screw the bonfire, this is the pain of a damn branding.

“Forgive us our trespasses, and forgive those who trespass against us”.

But. Do. I. Have to???

The Lord replies “yes” pray for her.


But at the end of the moment of hate I have for her, for abandoning my wedding presents (hubbys boys) for over 2 years and disrespecting my husband like she did/does. I have to forgive her. I also, have to apologize to Christ for my thoughts about her. She is my sister in Christ. She may not submit to the Lord as my husband and I do but in the end, Jesus is right. He is the one who died for me, with pain and suffering I cannot bear without sobbing every time I watch the Passion of Christ.

Lord, I apologize for my selfishness. Please help me to be grateful every day for things I oversee, help me in my every way to learn to pray for her and forgive her so I may move forward in my relationship with you.

In your Sons name I pray. Amen.

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