Angelos Passing

Today, my sister will dress in black, she will fix her hair the way you liked it, and apply her make up flawlessly. She will, to us, effortlessly look beautiful for you, one last time. But for her, she wears a dress she will never want to wear again, nor forget when she wore it … More Angelos Passing

Advice we miss…

Quotes from my Father “When man makes plans, God laughs” “One ‘Aw shit’ wipes out ten ‘Atta boy’s!”. And my grandfather, his Father “One coat of paint can cover up a lifetime of mistakes”


6:30 So I hit my snooze at 6:30 am,  4 times his morning. That’s a total of thirty-six minutes since each ‘snooze’ is set for nine minutes.  7:06 I reach over hit it for the fifth time and say “Why do I set my alarm for the weekends?” My husband rolls over and says “Babe … More “WHAT??”