No. No. And No. 

No way will I vote on your Pokemon go game, I will not fall to your religion quizzes or your self-indulgent bi-polar medication fix bull shit.

And in no way will I DAMN NOT pray for your Donald Trump exit so he can save himself from embarrassment bullshit. THAT MAN has MY VOTE. Don’t like it? I don’t give a shit. That’s right, I don’t! Why? Because it’s MY choice. Free choice remember? As much as we have lost what “free” means anymore.

We are so undeniable held hostage on our “FREE” world that I could vomit for days on end.

You want Hillary? Go ahead, vote for her. But make NO mistake, she is an Obama supporter so that means she carries his rules, standards, morals and principles! I’ll handle that shit myself.

I vote for guns. And I hold the person responsible who pulls the trigger.

Whether that be criminal or protection.
And that goes for emails as well.


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