3:22 a.m.

My husband rolls over and says “What’s wrong? I can hear you blinking.”

Usually it’s stressful events going on that wake me in the wee early hours before I have to be up for work. Which I always hate because then I start the dreadful mental countdown. You know the one, the one where you lie there and count down the hours and exact minutes until your alarm goes off. 

Empty mind,  no stress, wide awake.

2 hours 48 minutes. 


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Been there got the T-shirt . Can you build yourself a save place in your mind where you can go.
    I have two, a warm beach with silver moonlight dancing on the sea, a castle up on the cliff where I know is my other safe place is.
    A warm and cosy room with a sofa, books and a fire.
    It sounds silly but these places help me.
    Have tried that it helps even during the day , to have a safe place to hide and relax.

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    1. That was and seems beautiful. No I don’t have a safe place like that, but my husband always leans over, kisses my forehead and reminds me to “say your prayers” I start and what seems like for hours I just pray and pray, for gratitude, fears, pain others are going through you name it. And I finally I fall asleep.
      Sometimes I wonder if it’s the reason I was woken up. Maybe someone needed a prayer. Thank you for your ideas. Sleep well my friend

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