No. No. And No. 

No way will I vote on your Pokemon go game, I will not fall to your religion quizzes or your self-indulgent bi-polar medication fix bull shit. And in no way will I DAMN NOT pray for your Donald Trump exit so he can save himself from embarrassment bullshit. THAT MAN has MY VOTE. Don’t like … More No. No. And No. 

Drive Leaving: Avoca twp Kenokee MI, my little sisters place out in the country.  Atmosphere: Fresh air.  Music of choice: Florence and the machine, Fiona Apple and Nina Simone.  Mind set: Empowered with strong voices. Refreshed from forced time away from social media. Feeling a little bit more blessed by God after being on his … More Drive

You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 

Sure you can try, whoever you are; by attacking small cities and targeting areas of innocent people all you want. But you will not break our great worlds gift of unity. We all post random junk on Facebook, some on animal videos, religious posts, jokes, birthday wishes, wedding photos, play quizzes no one gives a … More You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 


3:22 a.m. My husband rolls over and says “What’s wrong? I can hear you blinking.” Usually it’s stressful events going on that wake me in the wee early hours before I have to be up for work. Which I always hate because then I start the dreadful mental countdown. You know the one, the one … More Time

The Washer chronicles 

Chapter 2 Typical Sunday morning at nine a.m. And the mat is pretty full. Soapy front loaders agitating at their best as the dryers softly tumble their contents. I’ve always found it memorizing to watch the clothes swirl around with their vibrant colors or the crisp whites being tossed around like the purest of clouds. … More The Washer chronicles 

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. 

Sea glass

Glass The calmness of green, the tranquility of blue and pureness of white. Wrapped up with the mystery of the journey of where they came from, what they have been through and how their journey has shaped them. My ever longing to understand how beautiful they come out. Photo: Annette Azar