Day 5 ~ Love your theme

I recently finally found my current theme, and because I am so ‘not PC savvy” as Lenny our IT guru at work calls me. I decided not to change (Ohhhh I’m sorry) But I don’t even know how to get plug-ins to work! I’m unsure if I have the  most current version of WordPress and am completely freaked out to download the newest version after all the back up warning “You may lose everything!!” popped up. HOLY CRAP !!!!

So I here I sit; frantic and unsure. And frankly, after this week of work and this class {how I am treating this} I’m going to work on some posts, keep Norah Jones and Frank Sinatra playing in the back ground while I wait for my handsome man (that’s what I call my husband) to come home and have our wonderful Friday night together. His boys come back next week so Friday then becomes ‘Boys night’ and I’m usually catching up with my gal pals. Not that any of you cared to know that.

I wish you all a wonderful safe weekend!! It truly has been pretty cool meeting you all and doing this, clearly I should have done it three years ago!

 the famous kiss

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! ❤


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