About Me….Day 1

I am a hard-working woman/mother/wife/step=mom/sister/daughter/friend trying to get by in this busy every day lifestyle of a world we call “Life”. I have gone to school since I was 5 and I am still going. I have degrees in everything and nothing. I write occasionally for a small town paper called Thumbprint News and love it. For a living I haul ass as a medical tech for an OB/GYN office (which I love don’t get me wrong, but it has it’s {hellish} days) 40+ hrs a week. I stopped instructing E.M.T. at the local community college about 3 yrs ago. I’ve ran ambulances, been shot at twice and stabbed once, but hey, who minds an occasional close call every now and then. UMMM ME!! That’s WHO!!!!

I love my life and my daughters! 10 yrs of E.M.S. was brutal but I learned from my elders that to “Walk away when you still love it, before you become burned out”. So, that’s what I did. I took their advice. After 10 yrs I walked away and into the downtown hospital which was now receiving the patients that truly were “hit” by the bullets and those that I could show my stab wound scar to as theirs healed.

Life is tough, as the quotes always state…I believe life is our purgatory. I truly do. If you are against religion, stop reading and keep reading at the same time. I am a CHRISTIAN and PROUD to be. I have studied Catholic {Roman}, Jehovah Witness, Lutheran and Christian is where I proudly stayed put. But in all reality, should we all just have our own Faith? We all need something to believe in. I belive that heaven is what you make it, if it’s hot chicks in black leather on Harleys pouring bottom-less pitchers of beer, or the ever waiting to meet family members you’ve lost in this purgatory we live in or somewhere in the middle then YOU’RE PERFECT and thank God…SO AM I!!

Live life to the fullest my friend, because if you don’t….you will……well, you’ll figure it out.

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