Did you?

Did you give thanks today for waking up? I did. 

Did you pray last night before bed? I did. 

Were you hurt by the sadness in our news? I was.  

Did you become fueled by anger over the dishonesty in our political world? I did. 

Did your heart break knowing children are dying at the hands of another child holding a gun? Mine did. 

Did your heart cry for the parents burying their college students who were killed at the hands of a mad person? Mine did. 

Did you cry out through prayers to take us from this awful world of pain and suffering and bring us to a kingdom of glory, thanks and never-ending love? I did. 

Did you wake up happy before you became fully awake of what kind of world we live in? I did, but I knew better. 

Prayers to you my friends, that we may make it to heaven with a soul we still consider alive. 

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