Today, I marry my best friend.

Today, I will marry my best friend. I will take his hand at the altar, I will say ‘I do’ and I will kiss the Man that I have loved to be kissed by for the last three and a half years.

I will wear my silver dress and he will wear his silver tie. He will take my hand today and for the rest of our lives, whether it be for a walk after dinner or helping me out of a car, wherever we are, he will take my hand I will gladly give it to him.

I will stand in the chapel and see my beautiful daughters and my future sons standing proudly surrounded in all of our love. We will show them what love is meant to be and what it means to share a life with one another with respect, with caring and with honor all the while knowing how blessed we are, surrounded in Gods love.

I will look at his handsome face and feel the smile come across mine that only he can bring out. The Man I have laughed with, loved with, cried with, and prayed with. The Man that after today, I am now blessed to call my Husband.

A Man I will have good days and bad days with, a man I will take care of and who will take care of me when needed. A Man that loves me so much who has shown it in so many ways that when I wake up in the morning I know I am laying next to my biggest fan.

He has supported me as a Mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a writer, and now a wife and step mom. He supports me in my goals and in my dreams, and always lets me stay true to myself, and even when I need to put him in his place once in a while, he still loves me. And for that I am the one blessed.

For as the inside of his wedding band reads, He has “all of my heart”.

Today, I get to marry my best friend.


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