Let her go, she’ll be okay…..

The day has come where it’s time for her to leave.

You’ve bought her all she could possible need (and then some), you’ve packed all that you could fit into that car. At this point not even a cotton ball would fit.

She’s ready; you’re not.

Let her go; she’ll be okay.

Throughout the years I’ve watched you set rules, and have watched her diligently break them. You’ve set boundaries only to see how far she would push them, and push; she did.

I’ve watched as you’ve instilled values, morals and manors. And I’ve watched her tease you and tell you to “Relax, I know how to behave” sticking her tongue out and putting her finger in her nose getting great joy out your perfected eye rolling over the years.

I’ve watched as you’ve grown frustrated with her attitude due to “her” way of life. I’ve also seen you snicker as you’ve walked out of the room apologizing under your breath to your Mother because that’s exactly how you behaved at her age.

Let her go; she’ll be okay.

I’ve watched you feel pain when she’s been felt hurt or had heartache, and wipe her tears away while explaining life isn’t fair. I’ve also heard you pray to God that tomorrow is a better day for her, and if it can’t be yet, could you please take the pain for her.

But most of all, I’ve watched you teach love by giving love. And I’ve watched her as she has shown that love in all her actions. To her family, her friends but most importantly, to herself.

Let her go; She’ll be okay.

I’ve watched her become all the things you’ve taught her. You’ve given her her wings, it’s time for her to spread them.

Oh she’ll fall and skin her knee a few times. But this time she won’t have you there to clean it, wrap it, or kiss it and say “There, all better now” with a smile.

Let her go; she’ll be okay.

But within all of the things you’ve taught her, you’ve taught her strength. The strength she didn’t even know she had until suddenly, you weren’t there. So, she’ll force herself back up and try again.

She’ll get back up, maybe broken and sad, but this time with the courage to keep trying until she succeeds within herself.

Let her go; she’ll be okay.

Whether she’s east coast or west coast,  she’ll always have you in her heart, and when she’s stretched her wings and she’s ready to come home, you will be there waiting.

You’ve let her, and she’s amazing.

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