Frame of mind

“See it? Look harder! Come on you can do it”! It’s dark, a little light filters in from the back but not enough to use as a guide.

Frame of mind? Mine.

I’m sitting enjoying a bottle of Chanti and tiramisu with the man I love and plan to marry. Yet, our mind frame together consists of finances, children’s well being, my two daughters his two sons, our three dogs. Will his house sell? Where do I move? Where will he move? How long will it take to find a house that we can finally call our own?
They house that when we say grace at dinner and prayers before bed will now consist of ‘thank you God and be with us in our family home’ instead of the ‘please God help get us through this’.

Do I have firsts and lasts months rent plus a security deposit to put down to get me by until that dream is found? I do, but saving it has been tough and to pull from it is now my greed. I don’t want to touch that, it must stay there and build for that dream of the family home.

Am I putting enough into my 401K, how long before I have the orthodontist paid off? Seems as if when one kid finishes another one starts.

Two more years until #2 graduates then another 6-8 years until #3 & #4 do. Where will they want to go to college and more importantly what for?

Will #1 be okay moving into her own apartment? She is so excited and she’s very frugal so I know she will do well but, maybe it’s me, facing the fact that she is so grown up where has life gone?

“Frame” of mind. Everywhere! How to we juggle it all? How did our parents do it?

Seems as if my mind needs a frame.


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