Writing space

A simple phrase yet when separated by a period gives two very different meanings.

Writing space.


I write where I write. Normally at my lab top with a glass of wine, sometimes plugged into the local restaurants bar rail.

At home at the kitchen table…no, not so much. Not my thing.

Sitting cross-legged like a little school girl on the floor with my lap top on my coffee table, you bet!

I’ve written at work…shhh don’t tell, at friends houses when I need to quickly jot down an idea, note or a point I may want to reference to later.

I’ve written in bed, outside in the yard or in a park and in the car. No, not in a box and not with a fox. But I’m not the kind that can read or look at my phone for long periods of time while in the car. I wish I could, but the ever god fearing car sickness comes in. Barf.

Currently I am in the back seat of my car (actually doing okay, but this is a short post). I’m trying to keep my mental mind state of sanity stay sane while my teenage daughter learns to drive. I did the duty on the front yesterday, today it’s Gary’s turn. He’s calmer, and does very well with her.

So that’s where I write. Wherever and when ever in my space.

Completely perfect wherever you may be.

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