One hundred rejections…

“Aim small miss small”

My goal as a writer.

 I recently read a post from a writer who said “I once met a man who aimed to receive one hundred rejections in a year. In the process, he received eight acceptances”.

How can you go wrong when instead of shooting for the moon, you aim for the ground? Somewhere, someway you have to come out on top. So often we set goals and we end up disappointed with the outcome. Well, didn’t we just set ourselves up for that failure? Did we not just say what we wanted but then became upset or let down when we didn’t get it?

We often hear the phrase “I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment”. But, then when we get it, we are still, (surprise) upset!

How about saying “I’m going to not  lose any weight this year”.  What happens when you step back onto that scale and see you’ve lost 3 pounds! Great! You explode with excitement! OR, you say, “See, I did it!” Again, explode with excitement that you’ve accomplished your goal!

My youngest daughter wanted to really strive for great grades her sophomore year of high school, so I tried my theory on her and guess what? IT WORKED! I simply told her, “Don’t aim for all A’s, just try to turn everything in on time, put your best effort in your work and study hard and let me know how you do”.

Well, a month later I received the following text from her at work. “I have never been so proud of myself and my grades”! Now, if you’re a parent you know EXACTLY how this felt! I was just as proud, if not MORE of her! I could hear her little voice of excitement right through the screen on my iPhone!

So, I began to think, if I apply this; to myself. How would I do it and for what?

Writing was my answer. I strive to be a full-time writer. So as I have diligently worked hard on portfolios, gaining readers, blogging, and learning more about writing than I ever thought I could there was still something missing. It was my goal. My “What will I strive for exactly. ?”

With the help of the last blogging article I read, I found it.

My goal is to receive one hundred rejections in one calendar year.

Wish me luck!

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