The Mirror.

“Have you ever felt you’ve become the worst version of yourself?” – Tom Hanks – You’ve got mail.

That line sticks out to me like a bad paper-cut hit with hand sanitizer. Once we suddenly become that selfish, blind person we can’t stand to see in someone else, we can’t take it back. Her back, him back, whoever it is we’ve just revealed.

I walk into church feeling good I’m there and excited to once again, another week, become humbled and have myself be reminded how small I am along with my wants and my needs. I sit and embrace the love around me as my family and friends sit amongst me, I feel the Christian rock music get my hands and feet moving to the beat, I see the pastor look right at me as he talks so passionately about what the weekends service message has in store for me. Just me.

After the service, feeling energized and ready to change the world, I walk out with a sense of being on an all time high as if life is perfect, God above is in control and I am once again humbled, thankful, and left looking forward to the rest of the day embracing what it has to show me through His eyes.

And then only a few short hours later something occurs…whether it be a teenager driving me up the wall with her demands. To a dog that opens the back door and fence himself leaving me to chase him down the street up hill to retrieve him before heading into traffic. To a cell phone dropping calls where even the provider trying to help me had to repeatedly call me back to get it resolved. To still scraping the egg off my car that was ever so politely placed there by some thoughtful loving teenagers. To finally, FINALLY…..opening that bottle of red wine just to have the beautifully colored foil slice open my finger to only let out a piercing yell of “GOD DAMMIT!” And then it hits me. I hear that voice in my head ask “So, how was that church service today Lori, didn’t seem to walk away with very much of it did ya?”

How quickly and easily we forget what is not right in front of us, right in our face. Although, God is right in front of us, I believe most of the time we just need to remove the blinders.

Once my blinders were off, once I allowed them to be off I should say, I was able to help a young future driver gain some confidence behind the wheel with a bit of practice time. Next, I was able to see a friend of mine carry a bushel basket holding one handle while walking down the street with her mother whom was holding the other. Forcing me to get the run away dog back into the yard, grab my camera and race out to the end of the drive to capture a beautiful Mother Daughter moment for her to have. Then, I was able to see a cell phone representative become as frustrated as I, giving me double off the “courtesy allowed amount” for my cell phone troubles. Finally, I was able to see my stethoscope on the floor of my car through the rear window while scraping the egg off which I had been searching for for three days.

“The wine you ask”? Well, thats easy. That was the symbol of Christ reminding me to “Take time to smell the roses”.

Maybe you don’t see things they way I did today, but my hope for you is that you too, “Take time to smell the roses”. After all, a rose is like a moment, something that will eventually no longer be.

Their rare beauty is present for us to admire, their fragrance for us to take in, and their thorns, well, their placed delicately throughout the stem to remind us we all need a little protection at some point in time, even if it is ourselves. 

Linda and Oma

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