Day 25

My biggest regret.  Well I can’t say it was my divorce after seventeen years because my daughters are the best part of us. Or, ‘what we were’ that I wouldn’t change.  Ever.  I could say that it was my college choice. I ended up doing more technical/licensing school then classroom lectures. Dental assistant moved to … More Day 25

Day 24

What attracts me in love.  Surprises. Someone going out of their way just to see me smile or to just do something for me. But keep it simple please. The art of humor. You have to know how to laugh.  Gestures, when my husband places my keys in my purse because I’m getting a ride … More Day 24

Day 23

If I won the lottery.  Ugh the varieties are endless, charities, cancer research, build churches, funds to stop human trafficking, travel the world, trust funds for kids. Buy a YACHT! Makes me think a million things.  To win the lottery is dream, and dreams are something I don’t invest in.  So for now, I pray to do … More Day 23

Day 22

My worst habits.  My husband would say, picking off my freshly painting nail polish! 😊 I would say my biggest one is letting my self worth hit the floor. And that’s a pretty easy thing to do. I have had to work hard at remembering that my self worth does not come from others, it … More Day 22

Day 20

What makes me happy.  Really it just takes peace within, if I have a settled mind, a settled soul, when I feel no anxiety, no stress, no worry. I am happy.  Now I know you’re thinking yeah right! No anxiety and no stress might be reachable but no worries? No way. Well, let me share … More Day 20

Day 19

My favorite movie.  Um okay wow. This is not an easy one, especially for me since I am a total movie buff. But I’m going to give it the ‘good ol college try’ to nail it down to one. As they fly through my head I have images of them all. Mr. Darcy finally admitting … More Day 19

Day 18

A photograph of myself.  I don’t like photos of my face to be honest, I’m also not a “fisher” for compliments. Sounds stupid to some but in my life I’d rather show my heart than my face. I really am not the selfie type without filters and about 28 retakes, so I found this one … More Day 18

Day 16

Thoughts on education  Well I am a Jill-of-all-trades kinda woman. Always have been, tried something, succeeded and then became bored. So I moved on. Never really settling for one particular field. I’ve enjoyed my journeys. I’ve heard stories, have stories to tell, and stories yet to make.  I love my life. I would not change … More Day 16


Grateful. Today spent the day with my daughters. Daughters that I have raised (and still am at times) to honor their parents. Today they both did a beautiful job. During our brunch I told them one day (hopefully far far away) I won’t be here. And all they will have is each other. Respect and kindness … More Grateful

Day 11

Top 10 favorite foods (in no particular order here)  1. Red meat. Oh baby. Organic is my choice.  2. Mexican. You can not go wrong with Mexican.  3. Seafood! I love seafood! Mussles are a lovely combination with crushed tomoatoes fresh garlic and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.  3. Tiramisu. Just lovely. With an espresso and a … More Day 11

Day 12

My favorite childhood book.  This is one I had to actually reach out to my parents for. I always remember reading Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein but for any particulate one, I’m not quite sure. I mean sure I loved all of the Dr. Suess books. I made sure my daughters owned them … More Day 12

Day 10

The best trip of my life… Any trip I take down memory lane to when my girls were little. Not believing how fast time flies, and I would give anything to re-live some of those moments. 

Day 9

What’s in my bag… Just about everything. My planner. Oh my Lord how I love my planner!!! Other than my wallet I have an entire clutch nestled in the bottom of my bag that is filled with lip paraphernalia. Lipsticks and liners barely used, a plethora of chapsticks overly used, lip gels, stains, and glosses … More Day 9

Day 8

My five current goals 1.  Improve finances (isn’t that everyone’s number one?)  2. Get both of my daughters further situated in their college courses.  3. Get the boys through middle and high school.  4. Become a marriage mentor in my church.  5. Finally take a Honeymoon!!! 

Day 6

My biggest fear…. Not much to say here, I love my husband and he is my life, but the loss of a child keeps me awake at night, and consumes my days.

Day 5

My proudest moment That’s a tough one, I have so many big and small. The small always meaning the most of course. I have had proud moments regarding my daughters and their accomplishments, again big and small. With Madison {Madi} I see her right now making all of these grown up decisions after she has done … More Day 5

Day 7

My five favorite songs.. As though I am to only list five, this has  become a difficult task at that. I will say that any jazz, Frank Sinatra and Paolo Nutini are all my absolute loves.  But these listed below are a few that will never leave my heart.  Top of the list, Sittin’ on … More Day 7

Day 4

My dream job. Well, I’m pretty much borderline medical anyway you look at it. Truthfully I’ve wanted to end my medical career in hospice the day I became an EMT. The first time I saw what and who hospice was, I was sold! I was on the hospice floor in a local hospital transferring a … More Day 4

Day 3

My favorite quote is not something easy to just jot down, but more of a series of small collections of life lessons that have touched me in some way. When I was going through my divorce of a 17 year marriage I became lost in a sense. I suddenly didn’t know who I was anymore. But the … More Day 3

Day 2

20 facts about myself. I swear like a trucker, drink like sailor and love like tomorrow will never come. My middle name Anne came from my Fathers’ grandmothers name, Anastasia. I have two of the most beautiful young women as daughters (no, I’m not bias at all) who rule my world. I also raised my … More Day 2

Day 1.

Journal who? Journal Me.  I chose my blog name for one reason. Okay, maybe two. One, I journal. To write means to journal.  When most of my friends think I’m texting or facebook “commenting”. I’m not, I’m writing. Feelings. Moments. Sounds. Sights. Smells. Atmosphere. Everything and anything I intake, writing it as fast as it … More Day 1.


“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Then rang the bells both loud and deep; for God is not dead nor doth he sleep”

Embrace the eyes of every souls path you cross, for you need not know what story lies behind them…

Sweet Virginia. 

Nearly a month and a half away from celebrating ninty-two, my grandmother had passed. She battled colon cancer in her seventies, breast cancer in her eighties and came out letting them know who was boss each time.  She out lived her parents, her two sisters and a brother. She raised an amazing son while loving … More Sweet Virginia. 

You have pleased me. 

Beautifully delivered sermon at church this morning about how sons need Fathers, and Daughters need fathers (Mothers too).   But it reminded me of how my Father always, ALWAYS told us three girls along with my Mother how beautiful we were every chance he had (and still does).  Now he is passing that onto his Grand-daughters … More You have pleased me. 

My word of the year 

It’s been under careful consideration that I’ve chosen my word of the year. I’ve studied {myself} and I’ve dissected my life. From every day at work to my suddenly relaxed lifestyle on weekends. I’ve pondered, prayed, journaled, I’ve even reached out for help.  But upon my homework a word appeared in my heart out of … More My word of the year 

Tarelli vs. ME! 

I now understand why Italians have two kitchens in their homes. One for “making something in” and the other for everyday general use like, oh I don’t know…dinner 😳I grew up next door to a wonderful Italian family who I still keep in touch with and has left my sisters, my parents, and myself with … More Tarelli vs. ME! 

No words

Today, a young fourteen year old bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted girl was killed.  She was struck by a car while crossing the road walking to school. Sadly, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The driver was another young, bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted sixteen year old girl who was also; driving … More No words

Daily Prompt: Ghost

via Daily Prompt: Ghost She couldn’t be seen by the eye, but you felt her through your skin. Alone, there in the stairwell you stood, feeling her move through you. Scurrying down the stairs was not an option for you at this point, remembering to breathe was the trick. It was as if she moved through … More Daily Prompt: Ghost

Angelos Passing

Today, my sister will dress in black, she will fix her hair the way you liked it, and apply her make up flawlessly. She will, to us, effortlessly look beautiful for you, one last time. But for her, she wears a dress she will never want to wear again, nor forget when she wore it … More Angelos Passing

Advice we miss…

Quotes from my Father “When man makes plans, God laughs” “One ‘Aw shit’ wipes out ten ‘Atta boy’s!”. And my grandfather, his Father “One coat of paint can cover up a lifetime of mistakes”