Sweet Virginia. 

Nearly a month and a half away from celebrating ninty-two, my grandmother had passed. She battled colon cancer in her seventies, breast cancer in her eighties and came out letting them know who was boss each time.  She out lived her parents, her two sisters and a brother. She raised an amazing son while loving … More Sweet Virginia. 

You have pleased me. 

Beautifully delivered sermon at church this morning about how sons need Fathers, and Daughters need fathers (Mothers too).   But it reminded me of how my Father always, ALWAYS told us three girls along with my Mother how beautiful we were every chance he had (and still does).  Now he is passing that onto his Grand-daughters … More You have pleased me. 

My word of the year 

It’s been under careful consideration that I’ve chosen my word of the year. I’ve studied {myself} and I’ve dissected my life. From every day at work to my suddenly relaxed lifestyle on weekends. I’ve pondered, prayed, journaled, I’ve even reached out for help.  But upon my homework a word appeared in my heart out of … More My word of the year 

Tarelli vs. ME! 

I now understand why Italians have two kitchens in their homes. One for “making something in” and the other for everyday general use like, oh I don’t know…dinner 😳I grew up next door to a wonderful Italian family who I still keep in touch with and has left my sisters, my parents, and myself with … More Tarelli vs. ME! 

No words

Today, a young fourteen year old bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted girl was killed.  She was struck by a car while crossing the road walking to school. Sadly, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The driver was another young, bright, funny, sweet, kind hearted sixteen year old girl who was also; driving … More No words

Daily Prompt: Ghost

via Daily Prompt: Ghost She couldn’t be seen by the eye, but you felt her through your skin. Alone, there in the stairwell you stood, feeling her move through you. Scurrying down the stairs was not an option for you at this point, remembering to breathe was the trick. It was as if she moved through … More Daily Prompt: Ghost

Angelos Passing

Today, my sister will dress in black, she will fix her hair the way you liked it, and apply her make up flawlessly. She will, to us, effortlessly look beautiful for you, one last time. But for her, she wears a dress she will never want to wear again, nor forget when she wore it … More Angelos Passing

Advice we miss…

Quotes from my Father “When man makes plans, God laughs” “One ‘Aw shit’ wipes out ten ‘Atta boy’s!”. And my grandfather, his Father “One coat of paint can cover up a lifetime of mistakes”


6:30 So I hit my snooze at 6:30 am,  4 times his morning. That’s a total of thirty-six minutes since each ‘snooze’ is set for nine minutes.  7:06 I reach over hit it for the fifth time and say “Why do I set my alarm for the weekends?” My husband rolls over and says “Babe … More “WHAT??” 

Dramatic should have been her first name. 

I still can’t quite put all the pieces together, but when she walked in with her apron still clean, hair in place and not a stain on her uniform shirt, yet claiming to have had “The worst shift ever in my life”! I had to chuckle.  https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/dramatic/ Throwing herself on the sofa like she just finished … More Dramatic should have been her first name. 

No. No. And No. 

No way will I vote on your Pokemon go game, I will not fall to your religion quizzes or your self-indulgent bi-polar medication fix bull shit. And in no way will I DAMN NOT pray for your Donald Trump exit so he can save himself from embarrassment bullshit. THAT MAN has MY VOTE. Don’t like … More No. No. And No. 


https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/drive/ Leaving: Avoca twp Kenokee MI, my little sisters place out in the country.  Atmosphere: Fresh air.  Music of choice: Florence and the machine, Fiona Apple and Nina Simone.  Mind set: Empowered with strong voices. Refreshed from forced time away from social media. Feeling a little bit more blessed by God after being on his … More Drive

You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 

Sure you can try, whoever you are; by attacking small cities and targeting areas of innocent people all you want. But you will not break our great worlds gift of unity. We all post random junk on Facebook, some on animal videos, religious posts, jokes, birthday wishes, wedding photos, play quizzes no one gives a … More You won’t win singlehandedly. We won’t let you. Make no mistake. 


3:22 a.m. My husband rolls over and says “What’s wrong? I can hear you blinking.” Usually it’s stressful events going on that wake me in the wee early hours before I have to be up for work. Which I always hate because then I start the dreadful mental countdown. You know the one, the one … More Time

The Washer chronicles 

Chapter 2 Typical Sunday morning at nine a.m. And the mat is pretty full. Soapy front loaders agitating at their best as the dryers softly tumble their contents. I’ve always found it memorizing to watch the clothes swirl around with their vibrant colors or the crisp whites being tossed around like the purest of clouds. … More The Washer chronicles 

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice. 

Sea glass

Glass The calmness of green, the tranquility of blue and pureness of white. Wrapped up with the mystery of the journey of where they came from, what they have been through and how their journey has shaped them. My ever longing to understand how beautiful they come out. Photo: Annette Azar

Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun doth move.  Doubt truth to be a liar, But never doubt I love.  William Shakespeare ~Hamlet. 

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, it just buys bigger problems”.

The Washer Chronicles

Chapter one  “WHAT????” She hollered at me like I was asking her literally go to school naked. I repeated myself calmly. “We need to use a laundromat” Although this time I made it clear “Our flat doesn’t have a washer and dryer so unless you’d like to live in filthy clothes and dry off with … More The Washer Chronicles


I stumbled across your words today. I cannot figure out why I was so frustrated on my feelings. Within the first admittance of your invasion, I thought it was me you were watching, I realized I wanted it to be me. Wait! What? Why? No! That feeling took me completely aback, where did that come from? What was it … More Violated 

Day 4…”Target” audience…Maybe I should leave my gun at home?

Blogging is rough. I started writing (creating) a blog about 3 years ago. I have written for some small town papers, a few things for my current job, and just things for friends and family really. But a target audience? Picture here if you will, a bulls eye and my face on it. I recently … More Day 4…”Target” audience…Maybe I should leave my gun at home?

About Me….Day 1

I am a hard-working woman/mother/wife/step=mom/sister/daughter/friend trying to get by in this busy every day lifestyle of a world we call “Life”. I have gone to school since I was 5 and I am still going. I have degrees in everything and nothing. I write occasionally for a small town paper called Thumbprint News and love … More About Me….Day 1